Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed by the consolidation of sediments, seashells and other organic matter. This calcareous stone forms our largest product range with each Limestone exhibiting its own characteristic colours and markings.  Limestone is an acid-sensitive material and so care should be taken to use the correct products when cleaning. Our stylish flooring gives a superior smooth finish to an interior design –  from an antique look to a more modern appearance, we can offer a flooring to match your criteria.

We produce all our limestone flooring and natural stone flooring tiles in set gauge widths of 300mm, 450mm, nominally 25mm thickness, with the lengths of the tiles being random to enable our floors to be laid in parallel courses to suit either the traditional English farmhouse patterns or something more contemporary. Other sizes are available on request

Product range
Our flooring range includes Cotswold Stone, Lincolnshire Stone, Bath Stone, Portland Stone and Ironstone

Only British stone
We are proud to use and promote British stone, and delighted to stress that all our products within our flooring range are either sourced from our own resources at the quarry or from other quarries throughout the United Kingdom.  Our Cotswold Stone flooring business goes from strength to strength and can be seen in homes and businesses nationally.

Our stone-matching service
Finally, should you have an existing product you wish to match, contact us at Cotswold Natural Stone  and using our extensive experience we will endeavour to source and match your stone.

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