Cotswold Natural Stone Ltd was created in 1996 to supply a wide range of rock material for the building trade. Over successive years we have developed an enviable reputation as the premier stone product provider, acquiring Oxleaze Quarry in 2000 – a  smaller, deeper quarry with three different seam variations and then Grange Hill Quarry in 2007 a much larger quarry in excess of 20 acres.  From these sources we are able to offer a much wider variety of building stone colours from our seam variations. Much investment in these assets has driven the growth in our services – providing architectural masonry and a full service stone consultancy and top grade production facilities staffed by our highly qualified banker masons and sawyers.

At Cotswold Natural Stone, we excavate stone from Oxleaze Quarry and Grange Hill Quarry – company owned quarries where the process is precision managed to ensure the quality control process. As such, we are able to offer a varied colour range from a light grey to a lower buff in building stone, dry walling stone, and architectural masonry – manufactured by our own craftsmen and delivered to you on crane equipped company vehicles. A full high quality installation service is also available where the specification requires it.


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